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We present our portfolio of solutions that will make your brand project with greater impact in your market


A significant experience is one that generates in the minds of people with a high degree of impact, a component of surprise and the stimulation of more than one human sense.

Here is when talking about immersion, it takes another very different connotation.

With our solution of  immersive experiences, we seek to reach its target audience, offering commercial and promotional activations so that they will be able to feel transported  to virtual or distant scenaries geographically.


  • It is a solution that is found with few reference points of exploration at advertising level. which allows innovation from a competitive point of view.
  • It allows people to really experience without moving a whole experience in the place that you want.
  • You can create virtual spaces with great quality and realistic effects to make as faithful as possible to what your project will be.
  • Streamlines business processes.
  • Clear and accurate information is provided to the customer.
  • High level of remembrance among your customers.
  • Saving time and money.
  • The customer's buying experience is improved.


The integration of physical space with digital elements has generated great impact on natives and digital adopters. People today find it much more enriching experience when they themeselves can bring to reality, a digital content that integrates with elements such as a brochure, a business card, etc.

In FREAK STUDIO, we are concerned with designing output and impact content, and that is why we present this solution to generate high levels of remembrance among its customers.

Benefits of augmented reality

  • Facilitates decision-making.
  • Portability and overcrowding of development.
  • It allows the customer to have more information about the products and services.
  • You can expand information about companies through virtual reality.
  • Saving money in print.
  • High level of brand remembrance on customers.
  • The customer's buying experience is improved.

This video shows you better what is this about


Realism has its place among our 3D content. We develop pieces with total graphic quality so that they project the seriousness and the reliability with respect to the reality that one wants to reflect in the ideas for:

  • Architectural visualizations.
  • Corporate characters or pets.
  • TV commercials.
  • And more...


  • High quality in the development of the counted.
  • Adjust customer requirements.
  • Puntual delivery times.
  • Realism is part of the customer buying experience.
  • Render Farm laboratory.

Tours inmersivos con fotografía 360°

Los tours con fotografía 360° son desarrollos que permiten la visualización de lugares ubicados en cualquier parte del mundo, llevando a que los usuarios puedan vivir una experiencia más inmersiva con información visual completa ayudando a los procesos comerciales en las empresas sean más interactivos y facilitando la toma de decisiones (compra - renta de inmuebles, paquetes turísticos) de los clientes.

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